Who is not fascinated by the royal game !! pretty much everyone. The more you learn it, the more intricate it gets. Its beautiful , charming and complex all at the same time. This game has been a subject of research since ages and yet there is more to come. Be its moves, strategy, geometry, history or technology, this game has covered it all. In this section I try to touch base all aspects of chess but I am afraid I might miss out on some of them. Explore the world of chess through my eyes.

Seemingly a simple game of moving pieces on the board, this game brings more excitement than that. It is about defense and attack. One can get surprised by the fairness of game. It is not governed by luck – no rolling of dice , no flipping of cards , it is purely based on ones strategy to navigate through life. It is realistic and it reflects life:

"Life is a checkerboard of days and night,

Where destiny with men for pieces play,

Hither and thither mates move,

Mates and slaves and back to the colonel lace."

-------Omar Khayyam


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