Yes, you read it right we traveled to Bethlehem and that too on a time machine back to 7BC. Must be an amazing experience Han!!.

Just so you all know Bethlehem is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank, Palestine, about 10 km (6.2 miles) south of Jerusalem. It is the sacred birth place of Jesus.

As Christmas was round the corner, we chose 2nd of December, 2018 as our travel date. We were a group of ten friends who hopped into our time machine for the journey to this sacred place. Wait- before we could began our journey it was our duty to buy coins that could work in the ancient city of Bethlehem. Antique market was the best place to obtain those coins.

Once we had the coins , we embarked on our journey. We reached Bethlehem. Though we were dressed modestly, everyone else was more conservative than us. Everyone looked at us as if we were from a different world, well we were technically from a different world. There were sheep, cows and cattle everywhere. We passed them and reached the gates of the city. The guards were tall and strong. They stopped us for taxes and the taxes for our travel means like camel or horse. As it was a time machine , we were hesitant to mention our means of travel and we considered it a camel. On our entrance our passports were stamped and we were given a shopping list. Our first encounter was with the fruit market , where we finally fed ourselves. I must mention , the fruits were quite fresh and better than the present times. Moving forward there was a blacksmith shop. The whole family was involved in forging nails and other equipment. Ladies were actively involved in making of jewelry, pottery,bread, baskets and cloths. The bakery at the far end of the city had some unique bread, we the modern generation never had. Right in the center of the city we met a priest preaching ten commandments in Jewish language. Not only were the ten commandments  taught they were also distributed among the public in written form. There was a fish market to serve the hungry visitors. Fishes were fresh and some were made up of Jellos. Towards the end of the city there was a hotel. Unfortunately , all rooms in the hotel were booked and hence we could not find any accommodation to stay a little longer for a day or two. 

Our purpose of the visit was not yet fulfilled, so we asked for the newly born child Jesus and the people of Bethlehem took us to the miracle. The three Magi, Joseph and Marry welcomed us in the stable. There lay a beautiful bright child declaring innocence of his mother. The whole experience was one of its kind.Our Journey was worth the visit.

P.S.: Trip to Bethlehem was an event organized by Canaan Baptist Church located in St. Louis, MO. Time Machine referred in the article were our high speed cars. 


Author: Sadiya Ahmad

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