Perhaps not many people tend to play chess just after the morning walk but this Saturday morning, me and my friend decided to play a game of chess. My friend has been working on the book My Greatest Predecessors by Gary Kasparov and I was happy to learn some games from the grand masters. We met at Morrisey Hall in Saint Louis University . It was a early morning meet just after an amazing morning walk. The night before I had a fairly good tournament and I was looking forward to learn from my mistakes.

The first few minutes I ended up showing her my completely winning game which I ,unfortunately lost and then we moved over to the analysis of the game by Alekhine and another Grand master. We opened a game and by the time we reached middle game blacks queen was “leading” a diagonal. I call it “leading” since it was placed in such position where it was protecting a bishop that was attacking white’s knight and queen indirectly. White’s knight had three attackers and two defenders so it was a good time for black to capture white’s knight. Moving forward, we landed in a position where white’s king was castled and black’s king was not castled , still black was winning which brings us to the conclusion that if we have a good attacking strategy it would make very slight difference that our king is castled or not. White was trying to take advantage of it and attempted an attack on black’s king with the threat of checkmate. The counter play from black was an amazing one. At the moment when black might loose his nerve, black chose to attack white with the threat of checkmate. It was the one move of knight to a very obvious check followed by a mate with the rook or consecutive checks with a queen and ultimately winning white’s knight that was threatening a checkmate to black. No more knight , no more checkmate. May be I can describe the position better over a physical chess board. The take away from our analysis was-never loose hope at the time of adversity. Even if its a checkmate threat, you can always counter play on the chess board and in life too.

Such stunning games are just a manifestation of human intellect and a lesson for life. It compelled me to think deeper into life and yes the morning walk was the cheery on the top. My next venture would be “Chess over Coffee”, that might allow much thorough speculation of games. I wonder how different drinks and food can effect a game of chess ?

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