With my experience of the game of chess over the board , I have realized that as a casual player, the movement of pieces to one or two squares is not crucial to any of the players but as we start learning the nuances of the game, the game changes. Our first steps in the game of chess are e4 or d4 pawn movement , thereby controlling the center. Wait e4 and d4 are both two square pawn movements- but why we have to do it? This is because moving pawns two squares enhances the movement of pieces and provide open diagonals to both the bishops . The early we get our pieces, the early we castle. After passing this initial stage do you think its a good idea to make a chain of pawns by advancing one of the pawns to the third square?

The answer is no. While playing chess one of my friend taught me that the center pawns are the best friends and they always hold hands as long as possible. I laughed at it and asked for the explanation. Despite being a fine chess player the explanation of pawns being best friends was the most logical reasoning we could come up with. Now to this day, I finally discovered the secret of pawns friendship and I will revel it to you (in case you haven’t discovered it yet).

So the center pawns always hold hands so that they have control over the four squares in front of them (both white and black squares). Just imagine if you advance one of the center pawns to the third square you will create weakness in any one of the colored squares. For example, white has pawns on d4 and e4. He wishes to push e4 pawn to e5 then he will end up creating weakness on white colored squares which can later be exploited by the opponent using his light square bishop. Oh !!!!! Now you got the point, then just go and play chess wisely. 🙂

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