Dear all,

Here is a warm message in the midst of quarantine. We all are in the same boat ,but we can totally make it a fun ride. I am not sure how you all are spending your days ,but I have been taking up some hobbies lately apart from watching news. I have come up with a list of activities that you all can take up during your lonely days at home:

  1. Drawing/Painting
  2. Learning new spoken language
  3. Playing video games
  4. learning to cook some new delicacies
  5. Cleaning/Repairing your house
  6. Hosting virtual parties
  7. Learning magic tricks
  8. Consider moving to Antarctica (only place free of COVID 19) 🙂

I believe this list should be enough to keep you all busy along with your daily activities. Lets meet you all in person on the other side of the tunnel.

PS: Whatever you may do , please don’t break quarantine promise.


Sadiya Ahmad

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