As we all are coming to the end of this 2020 quarantine from a deadly COVID 19 virus , we are forced to wonder how this pandemic has changed the world and us or more importantly how we want to change the world around us. Undeniably, quarantine had its pros and cons , where each one of us enjoyed the luxury of working from home , we equally missed outdoor activities. Now when we have the freedom of outdoors , do we still want to keep our indoors busy with office work and what perks does it bring to the world.

Lets look into the “work from home” scenario in depth:

  • During the quarantine , the earth experienced a near absolute freedom from pollution.

  • Multi tasking was at rise (taking care of home and work at the same time).

  • Most parents were home schooling which kept students away from bad influence. True, they didn’t learn anything different than what their parents knew but that can be easily changed in this digital world.

  • Most work was done at our convenience rather than squeezing everything in the span of eight hours.

  • There was less influence on people through others mood swings like jealousy , rudeness or competition. If it ever happens through text, it can be easily ignored.

  • Most importantly, none of us was spreading flue, COVID 19 or any kind of contagious disease.

These are the very brief eight points but I am certain there are many more.

“From my perspective , quarantine was the best way to reduce exhaustion and to increase productivity. “

It seems as if we were healing, not just the earth. If you all agree, we can take a pledge to continue this “work from home” culture.

Author: Sadiya Ahmad

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