In a recent incident of sudden death of actor Irfan khan, the fans were surprised to receive a Facebook automated reply as soon as they send a message to Irfan’s profile. This was certainly heart touching but also triggers some possibilities in our mind. Each one of us have so much to say that we always fall short of time. Before we know we reach the end of life with undone task, especially the things we could do for our loved ones. Similarly, our loved ones always want to talk to us.

No More RIP

As humans have been practicing the art of writing through ages, they often tend to leave behind their teachings in the form of books, articles, quotes and verses. In addition to this, what if we introduce a chatting platform where people can talk to their lost loved ones. Of course, this requires for a person to write future messages and possible replies for their loved ones. It will make it easy for us to convey our secret feelings after death. Strong security and privacy needs to be taken under consideration in this scenario.

Though we have platforms like Facebook and gmail that allow automated messages and keep track of days for us, but they are not fully dedicated to this sole purpose. Its just like the provident fund which will be revived ones you are gone. It will know how to talk to each person you list and when to ping them.

 The question of "I wonder what "he" or "she" would have said ? " is solved rather quickly. 

It might sounds like a dark and creepy idea but it can help many to heal. With the hope of realizing what our loved ones might have said in different scenarios, we can feel their presence in their absence. With the enough machine learning , the chat bot might allow us to have a cup of tea with the lost souls.

Let me know your views on this idea of having a “Lost souls chat bot”. Remember “Tipping” is not just a city in “China” and my tip is your comments.

Author: Sadiya Ahmad

2 Replies to “Will the machines keep us alive after death ?”

  1. Ian Barr says:

    Hey Sadiya, I hope you are doing well. I find this concept to be terrifying. You know me, always suspicious of technology and yet, obsessed and entranced with it.

    It seems some days I live my life online, or at least live while breathing deep the oxygen that is information.

    My issue with this spiritual chat-bot concept has several points.

    A potential client to this service could pour their life’s secrets and ruminations into such a program, but the resulting data and it’s projection into a post-death conversation would certainly not be themselves, even with their likeness and mannerisms captured. In fact, the possibility of gross abuse and mis-representation are sown along with this idea.

    The resulting product would be more akin to an Automaton – a reference to human form devoid of human life. The likeness of this person could be manipulated and used without the dead’s consent, with no repercussions.

    Despite advances in technology, the perfect likeness of a dead loved one would be nothing more than an illusion. The faith in the accuracy of such a likeness would certainly fulfill a human desire to reconnect with someone lost, but the question that stands to be asked is this.

    “What function does this desire serve?”

    Do you need to reconnect with a dead loved one to survive? No. Do you need to reconnect with them to allow your soul to rest? No. (Truly, no.)
    To me, the function of such a desire is merely to sell a product. Much like porn, the desire to view pornography does not exist without pornography itself.

    A seance is a way to contact a loved one through magic. It would not be conceivable to contact them without such a thing as magic.

    Seances are not free. Magic certainly sells.

    This amounts to emotional pornography and couldn’t be considered psychologically healthy, though it could be considered to be a great sales pitch.

    I would like to see technology applied in a way that is good for human beings in a holistic way. Cell phones are great, but the Chinese and African slaves who helped create the phone in my hands create an unacceptable compromise.

    I apologize if my tone seems confrontational. Thank you for posting and for stimulating my imagination. I hope you are doing well during these uncertain times, and I wish you and your family the best.


    Ian B

    1. Sadiya Ahmad says:

      Dear Ian B:

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. Yes, this kind of bot is not a necessity for survival but it can certainly satisfy a person till the person is healing from the loss. As the time passes they will eventually get busy in their lives and might forget to come back to these bots but for a period of time it will serve as an emotional vent . Who knows this might be used by psychologist to understand people better.
      As far as security and privacy is concerned , there will be laws around it to protect people’s privacy. I believe it might act as a support system for kids who really want to know how their parents or grand parents would have reacted in certain situations .
      I appreciate your thoughtful comment on the topic. It certainly gave me more insight in considering whether such a machine should exist or not.

      Yes, I am quite fit as a fiddle and staying inside 24/7. Keep healthy and safe in these unprecedented times.Blessing for you and your family.



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