Sometimes few English phrases does not make sense to non native English speakers and we end up laughing at it. Such top 10 phrases are as follows:

  • “The Elephant in the Room“: I don’t see any elephant in the room, yet everyone talks about it. It just makes a listener very curious about the whole situation. DEFINITION:This phrase is supposed to indicate the most controversial issue that is obviously present but avoided as a subject for discussion because it is more comfortable to do so.
“I am the Elephant you are looking for”
  • “Let’s call it a night”: I don’t have to call it a night, its already night. How about I call it late evening? DEFINITION: This really means to be done for the day.

  • “All ducks in a row”: I don’t have any ducks how should I put them in a row. DEFINITION: This phrase is asking you to organize all task together.

  • “Raining cats and Dogs”: If that’s really true then I might collect some and keep them as pets. Where is the animal rescue BTW ? DEFINITION: It means raining badly.
  • “Dead in the water”: A usual yet awkward reply to this is, “I am sorry to hear that”. Well, you really don’t have to be sorry about it because no one actually died. DEFINITION: It means the situation is unsolvable or seems impossible to do.

  • “Get someones goat”: Stealing is not good but this idiom is no where near stealing. DEFINITION: It means to irritate someone. Strange right !!.

  • “A chicken in every pot”: To have chicken in every pot might be little overwhelming and cause health issues. DEFINITION: This idiom really means to have wealth and prosperity.

  • “Count your chickens before they hatch” : This one is very hard to grasp. If I have so many chickens then I might be very rich and if they hatch I will get more rich. DEFINITION: The meaning of this idiom is totally opposite. It means someone should not depend on something hoped for until he or she knows for certain

  • “Running around like a headless chicken” : Again another chicken phrase. By now I am convinced English speaker’s are obsessed with “chicken” or they relate humans with chicken in the best possible way. DEFINITION: Nevertheless, this one simply means behave in a haphazard way.

  • “Don’t be a chicken”: Absolutely , I am not a chicken . I am a human. DEFINITION: This one means don’t be a coward.

The obsession with chickens is so great that there is a series of book with a name “Chicken soup” . Lastly, if I just use “chicken” with some meaningful words in a situation, will that make a new phrase? For instance , “That latest series on Netflix served as a chicken soup in these difficult times”. I know it doesn’t make any sense at the moment but I believe in few years we will have another chicken phrase.

Please share a new chicken phrase in comments. It might help.

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