I am glad you made it so far and found me at my blogging portfolio. Now when you have reached here, I would like to take you to amazing journey of my thoughts .



We all go through number of ideas and thoughts each day, but seldom do we act on them or jot them down.
I have been under those circumstance a couple of times, and hence I was resolved to find the solution to this recurring problem.
I can’t help but to express my thoughts, and talking to random people is not advised. Therefore, I decided to write down my inner most thoughts, and present it to those who would listen.
With this, the idea of blogging emerged. As you must have observed on my home page, I have specific sections for each activity that I carry out in my day-to-day life. In addition, blogging allows me to keep myself updated with current affairs and then delve deeper to explore the history of them. I also attend a variety of events ranging from political science to religion to technical events. All of this can be incorporated under the single title of “Blogging”.
My recent articles can be easily reached from the side menu at every page. The other articles written so far are a flip away on this portfolio.


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